Extreme Makeover: Your Living Room!

The living room is a place of relaxation and family bonding. This is where we commonly gather, play and enjoy the company of others. We want this room to be full of good ambiance. Having a living room that’s good and properly arranged releases stress and bad moods. Emotions are affected by the environment we live in. It is best if we maintain this part of our house and keep it harmonious and symmetrical. If money is the problem, then having a low budget is not a hindrance of attaining a living room with elegance and fabulous design. Here are ways you can keep your living room beautiful without spending a fortune.

1. Paint the walls of your living room using one color. You can add paint-linings on all the sides to add some design. Then hang some picture frames to give accent to the wall. You can add more accessories such as hanging vases and chimes. When doing this, just remember to harmonize the color of all your additional designs. This is the best way to save money on expensive paints while using accessories to make it more fabulous.

2. Use colorful rugs to complement your living room. You can purchase cute and adorable rugs in many department stores. These rugs usually cost less but has multi-functional purpose, making them more valuable. You can lay them near the front door or near the center tables. Use different styles of rugs when designing your own living room. This will make your room look classier while keeping the area cleaner.

3. Install mirrors on the wall to make the room look more spacious. Having a mirror in your living room will also enhance the illumination, keeping the room bright and warm. You can also use wall pictures like the ones you see in the department store. Wall pictures will also enhance the room décor, making it more inviting to guests. These two items can be bought for cheap and will be very valuable to you.

4. Replace old bulbs with new, energy-saving fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs come in different styles and designs, perfect for your living room. Fluorescent bulbs are also proven to be more energy efficient than older yellow bulbs. This kind of lighting is also safer from electrical problems. You can now save money on your electric bill while keeping your living room more conducive to reading and entertainment.

After you have done these four things, try to see if everything is in harmony. If not, then make some adjustments. You can try different styles and approaches when using these concepts. It's up to you whether you want to or not. You can create many nice themes that would suit your personality. Those things mentioned above are all cheap items and commonly found in your local area. Having a nice and conducive living room is not as expensive as we thought it could be.

Do you rearrange your living room constantly? What do you do to minimize your expenses? Share it with us by leaving comments below!