Five Tips To Make Working from Home Successful For Parents

Blog | April 21st, 2020

The world has suddenly, without notice, changed. While hoping it is temporary and will pass quickly, working from home with kids out of school can mix like oil and water. With stress everywhere you turn, don’t despair by letting this situation be one of them. There are ways to turn this time together into a bonding and learning experience.

Give Kids Their Special Space

While you’re concentrating on your work, the kids can have tiny offices of their own!  Something as simple as cardboard boxes work great for making a “desk “. Cut a hole big enough for them to stick their legs under to make them comfortable for hours. When they finish their “work”, this space can easily transform into an indoor picnic or art table.

Instill Life Lessons

Do you remember the days of home economics, woodshop and driver’s ed? Most schools no longer offer classes or instructions in everyday life lessons. During this season when many parents and kids are home, take advantage of this time together and teach! If life is too busy for cooking, driving or cutting wood. Go simple. Make it quick, on the job training of tasks that will keep them busy, such as dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing the car, washing fruits and veggies, etc. Make the most of tasks that will teach the kids and free up your time to allow many light-hearted family moments!

Let’s Make A Deal

Do you know some friends that are already staying at home parents? I used to be one and I can tell you that I would be thrilled to take on another child or two (temporarily) in a trade for some time to myself. Everyone needs some relief, be it for errands, dinner out, or time to simply do nothing! You’ll get your work done in peace and won’t have to pay for childcare. Hard-working stay-at-homers gains a couple of playmates to keep their kids busy while looking forward to some leisure time without having to hire a babysitter! Helpful, free and a true win-win solution for everyone!

Part Work-Part Play

This time of uncertainty can be stressful for the kids, too, so be sure they have plenty of downtime for themselves. Working and learning are essential toward building character and responsibility, but be sure to provide ways for them to destress and simply be a kid! Pull it together the night before. Line up several movies, being sure to allow a favorite for each child. Prepare an easy, grab and go breakfast and lunch. Granola bars, sandwiches, chips, and a juice box will go over well! The less messy the better! Have several bags of tightly sealed pre-popped popcorn, and whatever else you have on hand to set the stage for a simulated movie theater concession stand. Give each child some tokens to “pay” for their items so they don’t overdo. You’ll have several non-interrupted hours to get your work done. Entertainment, food, and snacks at their fingertips will keep the kids happy while giving you much-needed peace!

Work Outside The Home While At Home

This might sound a bit confusing until you give it some thought. When weather permits, take your work outside! Other than a quick glance every now and then, slightly older kids can entertain themselves. Or tell them it’s “imagination time”. The swing set becomes an airplane, flying them to anywhere they want to go. When they land, they can search the yard for unusual rocks and such from this “far away land”. Or they can choose a stay at the home destination and cover the swing set with old sheets and plastic tablecloths making a huge tent or fort. Bring out the cardboard boxes you’ve had stacked up in the garage forever.  These will create hours exercising the imagination. After being confined inside for any amount of time they will love the magical feel of playing outside with mom’s work headquarters in sight!

Above all, give out lots of hugs and I love you’s. Make this time together, however long it lasts, into a positive memory, they will take with them for the rest of their lives!

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