Flying This Holiday Season? Take These 7 Additional Precautions

Blog | November 22nd, 2020

Thanksgiving and Christmas are normally the busiest times of the year for travel. Even with the additional challenges this year has presented, airlines are adding flights and predicting the highest spike in travel since the pandemic began.

They are taking the initiative of placing safety precautions in order for people to travel safely and be reunited with friends and family they may not have been able to see all year due to COVID. For those that want to visit their loved ones safely this holiday season; we have 7 additional precautions you can take when flying!

1. Download the App for Touchless Traveling 

Most major airlines have apps that you can download that have everything you need for a touchless travel experience. For self check-in at the airport, you can scan your boarding pass which is on your app, so that there is no need to touch the screen at the kiosks. Also, you can use that same app to make any changes to your reservation, seat changes or upgrades, and to scan your boarding pass through security! Minimal contact with people and touchpoints is the goal!

2. Follow the Safety Guidelines in Place

There are new safety guidelines that the airlines and airports have put in place for your safety. Make sure to social distance throughout the airport, especially at check-in and boarding. There will be stickers or markers to help you navigate this. While boarding, some airlines are filling seats from back to front and deplaning a few rows at a time to keep the aisles less crowded. It is also a requirement to wear a mask on the plane and throughout the airport, except for the brief time you are eating or drinking.

3. Bring Your Own Snacks

Airlines have made many changes to their full food and beverage service due to COVID and most are only handing out a small snack bag. Most people don’t realize that you can bring snacks for your flight through security as long as it isn’t a liquid, like yogurt or peanut butter, and follows the 3-ounce rule. So stock up on snacks in your bag for your long flight ahead. Bring a refillable water bottle, as they have plenty of water refill stations throughout the airport and if you want to be extra cautious wear a shield for when you have to take your mask off to eat or drink.

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4.  Always Be Prepared 

Make sure to bring some extra sanitizer, anti-bacterial wipes, and whatever else is going to make you feel the most comfortable during your flying journey for an extra layer of precaution. If you want to be extra cautious; wear a shield for when you have to take your mask off to eat or drink. Disposable gloves can also help keep your hands clean.

5.  Use the Resources  

There is hand sanitizer throughout the airports. Most airlines have teamed up with big companies like Clorox and Lysol to sanitize the aircraft before and after each flight, but they are also handing out sanitizing wipes during boarding and with the snack bags they pass out for the service. They have masks available if you need one and a limited supply of gloves on hand if needed.

6. Do Your Research 

If you are still wary of traveling in such close spaces with others, take the time to research what precautions each airline is taking and choose which one is best for you and your family. We have linked the major airlines below, so you can find more information about what to expect when flying next.

Plus, most of the major US Carriers have permanently eliminated change fees, so it is now easier to change your travel plans based on the ever-changing events of COVID.

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7. Book the Earliest Flight or the Red-Eye

Depending on where you are flying to, these flights are usually the least likely to be full. Also, the added bonus is they are more likely to have people sleeping the majority of the flight, meaning less traffic in the aisles! Win-win!

Given the unprecedented changes of 2020, hopefully you are able to use these guidelines if you are wanting to fly this holiday season to visit and spend the most wonderful time of the year with your loved ones.