Free Family Fun To Plan Ahead For In 2023!

Blog | February 17th, 2023

Family time is the best in fun, cherished, memory-building occasions! For those of us that can’t say “money is no object,” which is likely the majority, that little interference can stand in the way of getting out, exploring, and doing things together. How about creating a calendar of free things to do all year? Fun and free all-in-one package, wow! With January already behind us, let’s make a date…beginning now!


February is American Heart Health month. Check your local area for ways to walk for others and raise funds to save lives from this country’s #1 and #5 killers which are heart disease and stroke. Teach your kids how to care for and develop their own caring heart while enjoying a walk and spending time together! ♥️


Sometimes Easter comes in March, but in 2023, it arrives in early April. That means chances of free festivities like egg hunts and bunny visits in March are abundant! Also, IHOP celebrates the first of two National Pancake Days by giving away free stacks of buttermilk pancakes on the 1st of March! Rita’s Italian Ice begins the countdown to spring with free Italian ice on select days toward the end of the month. Then there’s Celebrate Pi Day on the 14th with many pizza spots offering a free slice with a drink purchase. Last but not least, late in March is Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day where you can score a free vanilla soft serve cone! From breakfast to lunch to a dessert finale, you can march right through this third month of the year with loads of free family fun!


Every April is deemed National Park Week to help you explore the great outdoors while soaking in a part of history! This year the event is happening from April 22 to April 30 with free entry on April 22! So get out there, have a picnic, take a hike and search for incredible treasures of nature!


May is for mothers so go on a virtual scavenger hunt with yours in mind! Everyone, especially kids, loves their electronics, so put them to good use and search your area for all the free offers for mom! From free meal entrees to frozen yogurt for dessert, you’ll find lots of sweet ideas for your extra-sweet mom, daughter, aunt, and more!


You can’t do cool things for mom and leave dad in the dust. So continue to search and surprise dad with something he doesn’t have to pay for! Other free options could be going fishing even if you don’t want to…or be his no-cost golf caddy! School is out and there’s more free time to do things together in the warm month of June. You might even stumble on a new hobby for the whole family!


Along with free fireworks in multiple locations across the country, July is also the month to appreciate cows and get a free chicken sandwich! Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day is the second Tuesday of July, this year being July 11. So, dress up like a cow, using items already on hand to keep it free – like construction paper spots and socks for ears – and you’ll get a free chicken sandwich and dinner out with your family. Don’t forget the free playground for entertainment! 🐄


Though most schools start back in August, there’s still a little bit of fun to squeeze out of the month! National Root Beer Float Day is August 6 so head to A&W where each customer gets a free one. National Bowling Day is the second Saturday in August and bowling alleys all over the country offer free games as well as drink specials and other deals! Last but far from least is National Parks Birthday on August 25 when admission is generally, once again, free to celebrate the big day!


Smithsonian Day is celebrated each year on September 17. It’s a national event so no state is left behind! Many participating museums, zoos, and cultural centers across the country provide free entry to anyone presenting a Museum Day ticket. To get a ticket, you simply select a museum and download it from a Smithsonian magazine. The full list of participants can be seen on the Smithsonian magazine’s website!


The official day of fall is Saturday, September 23, but everything pumpkin and the burst of fall colors are more abundant in October. Immerse in a new season with free festivals, pumpkin carvings, hikes, explosions of color and so many other activities that are nestled between the end of hot weather and frosty cold days.


A special event in November is the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade! If you aren’t fortunate enough to be in New York City at the time, you can watch it for free on Thursday, November 23 at 9 am. NBC will broadcast for free across every time zone so those out west can sleep in and still get to watch. CBS will also broadcast live at 9 AM with delayed coverage for the west coast beginning at 1 PM. Put your turkey in the oven early for the scent of Thanksgiving and make turkey cookies while you watch the festivity that kicks off the arrival of Santa and the official beginning of Christmas!


December’s activities will keep you busy with little lack of festive overload! Kids and adults alike can sit on Santa‘s knee and share special secrets. Every tiny town to big city will likely have a parade including free candy tossed to excited children! End a magical December day with your local tree lighting which is always a free event and the beginning of the most exciting and wonderful time of the year!

*Note: some free options and activities are limited to participating locations, so be sure to check your local fun spots before you head out!

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