Freebies! Where to Find Them and How to Redeem Them

Blog | February 6th, 2013

Freebies! Where to Find Them and How to Redeem Them

            There is a lot of great stuff on Get It Free,
and we hope you explore and take advantage of all of it! Of course, nothing
beats a freebie! That’s why we want to walk you through exactly how our
freebies work – so you can get the most out of them!

First, you’ve got to know where to find them. On the home page of Get It Free, you’ll find freebies everywhere, but you can see all of the active freebies by clicking freebies at
the top. From there you can browse all the freebies!

Where do these freebies come from? Most of these freebies
are samples given out by companies to get you to try their product! It’s a
win-win! Many of the samples are ordered online. The Add to Basket button,
within each individual freebie post, do just that. When you’re ready, you’ll
redeem these in your Basket located in the top-right. Redeeming a
freebie will take you to it’s individual page. Some of the freebies are
redeemed in-store, either by showing up or bringing in a printable coupon, but
most are ordered online. Just remember to read the instructions closely to know
how to redeem your freebies.

Keep in mind that Get It Free simply searches for the best freebies it
can find, and puts them in one place for you. Sometimes they run out, but
they’ll often be available again soon. Remember that you must sign up for each
 that you want to receive.