Get a FREE Bag of Open Nature Granola at Albertsons!

Freebies | July 19th, 2021


Freebie: Free bag of Open Nature Granola at Albertsons grocery stores.
Location: Albertsons has over 2,200 locations nationwide.
How to Redeem: Log into or sign up for your Albertsons account to find the freebie offer. 
Albertsons frequently offers freebies as well as other discounts.

If you don’t have an Albertsons near you, then please do check out our Freebie section for an extensive grocery list of great offers.

Those of you who shop at Albertsons and love some tasty granola, have to keep reading to take advantage of this freebie. If you’re ready to redeem it right away, just click here to get started. 

Albertsons is actually the second-largest grocery chain in the U.S. with over 2,200 stores. Now that’s convenient. Chances are there’s one near you that you can go to redeem this freebie for a free bag of Open Nature Granola.

Just log in to or create an account for free on the Albertsons page. From there, you can search for an offer for a free bag of Open Nature Granola under the free category. You’ll then be able to add it to your account and redeem it in-stores.

Click TAKE ME THERE below to get this offer!

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  • Albertsons is a major American grocery chain founded in Boise, Idaho.
  • Albertsons has 2,253 locations nationwide.
  • This freebie is offered by Albertsons.
  • This freebie requires having an Albertsons account.
  • This freebie is for granola.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.