Get a FREE Bird Bungalow Craft Kit from Lowe’s!

Freebies | August 15th, 2021


Freebie: A free Bird Bungalow Craft Kit for kids from Lowe’s.
Location: Lowe’s has over 2,020 locations.
How to Redeem: Register for a free Craft Kit and then pick it up at a Lowe’s store on September 11-12, 2021.
Lowe’s has free Craft Kits for kids available every month. 

If you don’t have kids to craft with (or who might be too old to enjoy it), then craft your ideal list of freebies by checking out our Freebie section that has a big selection of offers.

Those of you always looking for an activity for the children will love this offer, so keep reading to find out how to get your free Craft Kit. You can redeem the offer by clicking here directly if you know you want it.

Lowe’s frequently runs DIY Kids’ Workshops at its stores. It’s currently giving away Craft Kits that kids can put together at home instead of in-store. This month, Lowe’s is giving out a free Bird Bungalow Craft Kit with all the supplies needed to make it.

You can register for the free Craft Kit starting August 14, 2021, on Lowe’s website. Find the store you’d like to pick it up at and register for it there. After you do, you can pick up your kit at the customer service desk on September 11-12, 202.

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  • Lowe’s is the second-largest chain of home improvement stores in the U.S.
  • Lowe’s has more than 2,020 locations.
  • This freebie is offered by Lowe’s.
  • This freebie requires registering for the free Craft Kit.
  • This freebie is for a birdhouse.

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