Get a FREE Cheeseburger From McDonald’s!

Freebies | August 5th, 2021


Freebie: A free Cheeseburger from McDonald’s.
Location: McDonald’s has over 13,000 locations nationwide. Find a McDonald’s near you!
How to Redeem: To get a free Cheeseburger, you must be a new member of the MyMcDonalds Rewards program and make your first purchase on the app.
Bonus: You will also get a free order of Large Fries added to your account.

Fast food freebies are awesome. But if you aren’t into Fast Food, then this McDonald’s offer won’t impress you. Browse our freebies section for other nutritious options!

For the fast foodies, this offer will get your taste buds excited. McDonald’s is giving away an order of their delicious Cheeseburger! Can’t wait any longer to get your Cheeseburger? Download the MyMcDonalds Rewards app to activate the offer. If you still need more information, read on!

McDonald’s has a wide selection of burgers, combo meals, happy meals, sandwiches, beverages, sides, and baked goods! Their selection also includes affordable items on their Dollar Menu. There’s something for everyone at McDonald’s. Get even more out of their offerings when you download the MyMcDonaldsReward app.

For first-time users, McDonald’s is running an offer where you can get a free order of a Cheeseburger after your first mobile order. Sign up for an account when you download the MyMcDonaldsReward app. Once you sign up the offer will appear after you make your first purchase. Get the free Cheeseburger and other incredible freebies and promotions on the MyMcDonaldsReward app.

The offer is available through the McDonald’s mobile app, so make sure you snag that so you can snag your free order of a Cheeseburger. All you have to do is spend a minimum of $1 with the Mobile Order & Pay option on the MyMcDonaldsReward app.

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  • McDonald’s is a very popular fast food chain!
  • This freebie is available on the MyMcDonald’s Rewards app.
  • This freebie requires you to make a minimum $1 purchase through the Mobile Order & Pay option on the MyMcDonald’s Rewards app.
  • This freebie is available after your first mobile and pay order!
  • This freebie is for a cheeseburger.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.