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Freebies | October 29th, 2022


Freebie: Free Jar of Bonne Maman Fruit Spread
Location: Bonne Maman products are sold at store locations across the country.
How to Redeem: Claim this offer by applying for it through SocialNature. If you match with the offer it will be mailed to you so you can use it at a store near you.
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There’s something delightful about savoring a simple treat like a tasty slice of bread with jam, jelly, or preserves. But when you want that added fruit flavor you might be adding a lot of sugar as well. But that’s not the case with Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads!

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Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads deliver flavor without too much sweetness. These spreads don’t have artificial flavors or coloring and the ingredients are all familiar and natural. You can top your next piece of toast, biscuit, or roll with flavors including apricot, blueberry, cherry, and more. If you really wanna get fancy with it, try Bonne Maman’s recipe for crêpes topped with fruit spread. This certainly ain’t your grandma’s grape jelly!

The offer is available through SocialNature. Apply for it with your SocialNature account and if you match with it, an offer will be mailed to you to use at a store near you that sells Bonne Maman Fruit Spreads.

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  • Bonne Maman started in a small French village.
  • Bonne Maman products are sold at store locations across the country.
  • This freebie is offered by SocialNature.
  • This freebie requires applying for the offer.
  • This freebie is fruit spread worth up to $7.99.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.