Get a FREE Pack of Yakult From Publix!

Freebies | October 5th, 2021


Freebie: Five-pack of Yakult at Publix.
Location: Publix has over 1,280 locations across the U.S.
How to Redeem: Clip the offer to your Publix account and redeem it in-store.
Publix offers tons of other savings and discounts you can take advantage of with a Publix account.

If you don’t drink probiotic drinks and aren’t interested in trying it out, there are plenty of other fantastic freebie offers available in our Freebie section.

Those of you who are interested in encouraging a healthy digestive system should definitely try Yakult Probiotic Drink. Keep reading to find out how to get a free five-pack or click here directly if you’re ready to redeem the offer now.

It goes without saying that having a healthy digestive system is important. Yakult Probiotic Drink is formulated to help restore natural probiotics to your body that help with digestion. This offer is for a free five-pack of Yakult at Publix.

Simply clip the offer to get started. You’ll be prompted to log into your Publix account or create one for free if you don’t have one yet. Once you’re all logged in, the offer will be added to the account and you’re free to redeem it. Just make sure to use your rewards account when checking out! The offer is good through October 31, 2021.

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  • Publix is a major American supermarket chain based in Florida.
  • Publix has over 1,280 locations across the U.S.
  • This freebie is offered by Publix.
  • This freebie requires having a Publix account.
  • This freebie is a drink.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.