Get a FREE Personalized Children’s Book From Beans & Sparks Club!

Freebies | September 27th, 2021


Freebie: A Beans & Sparks Club Personalized Children’s Book.
Location: Beans & Sparks Club is an online children’s books retailer.
How to Redeem: Personalize your children’s book and then pay for shipping and handling.
Get 50-percent off of your first book purchase.

If you don’t have any young children, then instead of a personalized book for kids, you’ll want to find more personalized freebies for you. Head to our Freebie section to discover what’s available right now.

For parents, you know how important it is to get your child into reading at an early age. This offer will be the perfect gift for your kid, so keep reading to find out how to get it. You can also click here directly if you already know you want it.

What gets kids interested in a story? The characters! Now you have a chance to personalize a book to make your kid the main character of the story. This offer is for a free Beans & Sparks Club Personalized Children’s Book.

Start by personalizing the book with your child’s name and creating a cartoon avatar based on their likeness. Once you’re happy with the way you’ve personalized it, you’ll be able to preview the book and make changes. Go through the checkout process to have it sent to you. You will need to pay a shipping and handling fee of $3.99.

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Star Rating for Parents: 3/5 ⭐⭐⭐

  • Beans & Sparks Club is an online book company that allows parents to create personalized books for kids.
  • Beans & Sparks Club is an online children’s books retailer.
  • This freebie is offered by Beans & Sparks Club.
  • This freebie requires paying $3.99 for shipping and handling.
  • This freebie is a children’s book.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.