Get Five FREE Jr. Frosty Treats From Wendy’s!

Freebies | September 13th, 2021


Freebie: Five free Jr. Frosty treats from Wendy’s.
Location: Wendy’s has over 6,500 locations in the U.S.
How to Redeem: Purchase a Wendy’s Boo! Book for $1.00 to get the offer.
Get an added bonus offer for any size free fry with any purchase in the Wendy’s app.

If you’re sensitive to brain freeze, then the idea of free Frosty treats may not be the best freebie for you. Keep your brain nice and warm with other freebie offers that are available in our Freebie section right now.

Those of you who are always tempted to add on a Frosty when you head to Wendy’s should definitely follow along to find out how to get five free Jr. Frosty treats at Wendy’s. You can also click here directly if you want to get started now.

Every year, Wendy’s has made it a tradition to offer Wendy’s Boo! Books as a way to raise money for its Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. As an incentive, you can get an offer that’s redeemable for five Jr. Frosty treats at Wendy’s.

To get it, the next time you’re at Wendy’s ask to purchase a Wendy’s Boo! Book. They are sold for $1.00 at Wendy’s locations. When you purchase a Wendy’s Boo! Book, you’ll receive an offer for five free Jr. Frosty treats. Wendy’s Boo! Books are available to purchase through October 31, 2021, and the offer for free Jr. Frosty treats are redeemable through December 31, 2021, once you have them.

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  • Wendy’s is a large American hamburger fast food chain of restaurants 
  • Wendy’s has more than 6,500 locations across the nation.
  • This freebie is offered by Wendy’s.
  • This freebie requires purchasing Wendy’s Boo! Books.
  • This freebie is ice cream.

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