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Freebies | April 12th, 2022


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A root beer float sure sounds refreshing, doesn’t it? And it sounds even better when it’s made with freshly crafted A&W root beer and creamy vanilla soft serve!

A&W began as a roadside root beer stand at a homecoming parade for World War I veterans. Over 100 years later, A&W serves its world-famous frosty and frothy treats along with All American fare at over 900 locations. Their classic cheeseburgers and hot dogs are simple yet satisfying. For sides, you can’t go wrong with fries or onion rings and A&W’s range of dipping sauces – including the Spicy Papa. But the cheese curds are not to be missed; made with 100% Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, these are the real deal – and highly addictive.

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