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Freebies | March 8th, 2022


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When you think of Mexican food at Chipotle do you go for the meat or is it all about the rice and beans? And what about toppings? Is salsa, sour cream, veggies, or cheese your favorite – or do you add it all?

Whatever your go-to ingredients are, the best part about eating at Chipotle is you can enjoy them in a bunch of different ways. If you’ve got a big appetite go for a burrito; if you’re looking for something lighter pile all the same stuff on a salad.

Of course, a side of chips and guac goes great with everything but if you’re feeling adventurous they also have queso blanco which blends three kinds of peppers with two kinds of cheese for an ooey-gooey treat with a kick. And if your mouth needs a little help with that spice, their hibiscus lemonade is a refreshing match.

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