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Freebies | September 7th, 2021


Potential Reward: Full-Sized samples of a variety of products to try for free!
How to Redeem: Register your information on the Try Products website and choose your free sample.

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If you like being the first one to know about a new product, this freebie is for you! has partnered with over 300 individual brands with over 400 different products and samples for members to try! The program is absolutely free! Every day, members will get the opportunity to apply for new samples and full-size products to try for free. Sign up here if you're ready to try it out! You'll get the opportunity to pick and choose which samples and products you want to be shipped to you and once you receive your product all you have to do is give it a review.

Don't miss out! Featured samples have included: Trilipiderm Anti-aging Moisturizer, Wholeberry Passion Fruit Snacks, Rustic Maka Charcoal Soap, and so many more. Sign up today to become a member and don't forget to check the site regularly for new full-sized samples of the products from! Shipping is also free and they will never ask you for your credit card is ever required. How cool is that?

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