Get FREE Large Popcorn for Your Birthday at AMC Theatres!

Freebies | July 5th, 2024


Freebie: Free large Popcorn on your birthday at AMC Theatres for AMC Stubs members.
Location: AMC has over 950 movie theater locations.
How to Redeem: Join AMC Stubs rewards program.
Discount movie tickets on Tuesdays, free Popcorn and Drink size upgrades, and more. 

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For those of you who agree that Popcorn and Fountain Drinks are a part of the moviegoing experience, read on to find out more about this offer. You can claim it right now by clicking here if you’re ready.

AMC Theatres has its own rewards program called AMC Stubs. There are three different tiers to the program. The AMC Insider level is free to join. When you do, you’ll get an offer for a free large-sized Popcorn on your birthday.

Join AMC Stubs to get started. You’ll want to select the AMC Insider tier if you want to join for free. You can also check out the other rewards levels that have other perks, but those require paying a monthly fee. You’ll be sent your free Popcorn offer on your birthday.

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  • AMC Theatres is an American movie theater chain based in Kansas.
  • AMC has over 950 movie theater locations nationwide.
  • This freebie is offered by AMC.
  • This freebie requires joining AMC’s rewards program.
  • This freebie is Popcorn.

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.