Get More and Spend Less at the Dollar Store!

Blog | November 7th, 2021

There are different types of dollar stores but only one truly stands by its name. At The Dollar Tree you can walk through the doors and know each item is truly only a dollar. Other similar type stores have tried to follow in those footsteps but the prices can vary greatly, often ending up being a lot more than a dollar. In some cases it is true that you get what you pay for, meaning inexpensive may not be quality. However, there are quite a few dollar store purchases that will linger, becoming a part of your home, holidays, and decor for years to come! Here are some great deals that hit a home run when it comes to stretching your money! 

Greeting Cards

This is a big one in the money-saving department! Cards at major discount stores often cost five dollars or more. At the Dollar Tree you can get a bundle for that price! The basic greeting cards are two for a dollar while there is an upgraded version if you’re willing to splurge a whole dollar! The cards are good quality and the selection is huge. Sure, you can go the cheapest route and send an email or a text, or you can make someone feel special and brighten their day with a real, tangible card signed by you!


Admittedly, these may not be a child’s dream toy. But they are pretty awesome when it comes to filling up birthday goodie bags or as unique surprises for stocking stuffers! This is the perfect place for kids to shop, knowing there is no limit on their choices! When you want to surprise the young ones with a simple thank you for a job well done or a reminder that says I love you, the Dollar Tree is your gold mine for savings as well as adorable childhood treats. 

Delightful Dining 

Whether you are just starting out or need an inexpensive set of dishes that won’t cause a detrimental disaster if broken, the Dollar Tree is a one-stop-shop for setting your table. You’ll find dinner plates, coffee mugs, and even name-brand glassware to give any meal the look and feel of home. If there are leftovers after a meal, you’ll also find a huge array of storage containers that come in packages of three or more for just a dollar! At this price, you’ll have your kitchen stocked and your table set in no time!

Gift Wrap

Gift-giving occasions are year-round events. Why spend a bundle on gift bags and wrapping paper when you can get them for just a dollar? Sometimes you need a small gift bag while sometimes you need a huge one. At this dollar store, you won’t pay more just because your gift came in a larger package! No matter the size, the price stays the same. Or you can choose rolls of wrapping paper, tissue paper, and all sorts of bag fillers. Put your money in your pocket or into the gift itself, not in the wrapping!


There’s always a need for disposable paper plates, napkins, and eating accessories. Don’t spend a fortune on something that will be used once and immediately tossed in the trash! The Dollar Store has everything from holiday plates, graduation and wedding designs, birthday options as well as solid colors for any occasion. Preparing for a get-together adds up quickly. You can easily subtract a bundle from your budget if you skip the party stores and party with the savings from the Dollar Tree!


Here’s another area where you can clean up on savings! You’ve seen the prices at discount stores for items such as toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, hairbrushes, disposable razors, Band-Aids…and the list goes on. Think about how much you could pay for these items and how much you’d save if instead, they were only a dollar. Well, guess what? They are just a dollar at the Dollar Tree! 

For the Pets

You can’t leave the furry family members out of these great deals! There won’t be twenty-pound bags of dog food here but you can get smaller ones as well as toys, plastic or ceramic food dishes, leashes, and multiple other items for cats, dogs, birds, and more! When shopping for pets, always check the quality no matter where you shop, as squeakers and small parts can be a hazard. With a good eye, you will leave with a bundle of special treasures for your furry and feathered friends!

Paper or Plastic 

While you’re there, stock up on boxes of tissues, paper plates, styrofoam cups, napkins, sandwiches, and storage bags. You’ll have your paper and plastic needs met for a fraction of the price you’d pay at any grocery store! 

Chances are you won’t have to go or look far to find the store that leads to tremendous savings! When the cashier asks if you found everything you were looking for, your response will most likely be a big yes, and a whole lot more! 

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