Get New Wheat Thins Flavors for Free! (Use Twitter)

Who loves Wheat Thins? The simple goodness of a delicious Wheat Thin cracker just got, well, less simple. Now you can get Wheat Thins in too bold flavors: Zesty Salsa and Spicy Buffalo.

These aren’t the Wheat Thins you’re used to! The way you get them is strange, too. You can get a free sample, but you need to use Twitter. You also need to tweet a really odd message about Alex Trebek (related to his appearance in a Wheat Thins commercial).

Here is how you get it:

1. Click to Redeem to get started.

2. Sign in to your Twitter Account. If you don’t have one, what are you waiting for?

3. Tweet the following message exactly how it is. Just copy and paste! (It’s super weird, I know…)

I was serenaded with knowledge by Alex Trebek for a sample of #ZestySalsa and #SpicyBuffalo @WheatThins

4. They will reply with a link to get your free samples. Note that anyone can click that link, and once it’s used it’s done! As soon as you send the tweet, press your @ Connect button to find the tweet from @WheatThins.

5. Click on that link in @WheatThins’ tweet and follow all instructions!

6. While you’re on Twitter, how about following @WomenGetItFree