Get Where You Need to Go for Less!

Many of us travel daily. It might be for long or just some short distances. Going to school, work, church, the market… these all require a transportation cost and it is constant almost every day. You may have your own car or you use public transportation, both involve a significant amount of money that you must not ignore. These expenses  could consume close to half of your budget each month and you might not notice it. However, what can you do to lower these transportation costs?  You might not believe it, but actually there are some feasible methods that you can follow. With todays economic recession, lowering your transportation cost will give you a lot of positive feedback like bigger savings plus a lot of other green benefits.

Drive Less Often

The gas consumption of your car can drain your budget with its high cost. The best way to lower your expenses at the gas station is to drive less often. You might find it difficult at first but it may be easier than it seems. All you need is to cut the unnecessary travel you make in a week. If you find yourself constantly driving someplace one to two times or more in a day, then combine all your trips into a one single drive to save gas. This is the easiest and the best way to lower your expenses on gas consumptions.

Hitch For a Ride

If you’re living with a close friend or neighbor, then you can arrange a carpool to go to school or work. Just ask if they can drop you off at the place you’re going. They may even have kids that go to the same school as your child. You can make some arrangements like taking part of the gasoline expenses in exchange for taking your kids to school. You can also use a technique when you and your neighbors work in the same place. Just remember not to rely too much on ride hitching. Try to only do it a few 3 times a week but not always. Asking favors from your neighborhood is the best way to strengthen your relationship as a community.

Walk Short Distances

When it comes to travelling short distances, you should always consider walking. This will give you the benefit of exercising your body for a healthy well being. You should not be ashamed of walking for it will help tone up your body. If it's daytime and you’re afraid of sun burns, then you can use sun screen to protect yourself! You can also use an umbrella to protect your skin from any sun damage.

Use Bicycle

Using a bicycle rather than a car can lower your transportation expenses. Aside from the fact that these bicycles can save you gas, they are also eco friendly. They do not emit harmful chlorofluorocarbons that pollute our atmosphere. This can also be the best way to give your body some daily exercise. This tip is like hitting two birds with one stone.

Remember that lowering your transportation cost means gaining more savings at the end of the month. You can use one of these tips or just combine them, whichever you like!

Do you know some guides to lowering your transportation cost? Do you use them? Do you find them effective? Kindly share it with us by leaving comments below!