Get Your FREE Iced Coffee at Bruegger’s Bagels on June 21!

Everyone has a different reason to go to Bruegger’s Bagels. Here are a few acceptable ones:


They believe that if a day starts with a sausage and egg bagel sandwich, nothing can go wrong. 

The selection of bagels makes them feel like they’re in the Baskin Robbins of circular bready treats. 

The salmon cream cheese reminds them of summers at the lake cabin when Pa would grill up the day’s catch.

The staff is so friendly that they just go for the company.

They enjoy the panting, sweaty mess they become after the jalapeño cream cheese.

They love the multitude of flavors on an Everything Bagel – and are thankful that it’s really not everything, just all the good stuff.

If none of these fit your needs, how about one more reason to go to Bruegger’s Bagels: free iced coffee!

Just follow these instructions and get a free 16-ounce iced coffee on June 21!


1. Press Click to Redeem.

2. Make sure you’re signed into Facebook and click the Like button.

3. There’s your coupon! Just print it out!

4. Take this to your nearest Bruegger’s Bagels on June 21, 2012 before 4:00pm for your free iced coffee!

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