Grocery Shopping Hacks That Will Save You TONS of Money!

Blog | June 16th, 2016

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Did you know that food is the third-largest household expense? Grocery costs are not completely avoidable, but by shopping smarter, you can reduce the amount you spend overall! It is time to take control over your expenses. Check out these six tips and tricks that will save you tons of money while shopping for groceries.


1. Ask for a Rain Check

You know when you are walking down the aisle and someone grabs the last 12-pack of Coca-Cola right before you? Yeah, it is the worst feeling ever. Well, next time that happens to you ask the store for a rain check. What is a rain check? It is an IOU. This is a piece of paper that allows you to get the sale price once the item is back in stock.  It doesn’t matter if the promotion is still running or not!


2. Know What The Numbers Mean (at Costco)

Who doesn’t love shopping at Costco? It has the best samples ever and often the best-priced items. However, you can get an even better deal if you pay attention to the numbers. Does the product’s price end in .99? Then this is a full-priced item.  How about .97? This product is a manager’s deal. This is a limited-time, location-specific deal that means the manager is trying to get rid of this item fast. If the product’s price ends in either .00 or .88, this means that the item will soon be gone for good. This is either inventory that is not selling well or a returned item! Lastly, if there is an asterisk on the price tag, this indicates that the item is being discontinued. You will no longer see this item in Costco so if you want it, jump on it fast!


3. Customize Your Shopping at Whole Foods

Did you know that Whole Foods can customize anything you want? If you want only half a watermelon, you can get only half a watermelon. No problem, just ask!

You will save money by buying exactly what you need. Also, you won’t waste food!


4. Utilize Amazon’s Subscribe and Save

Many people often shop for paper towels, toilet paper, and other household products at grocery stores. It is easier to just grab the item while you are in the store, right? Well maybe it is easier
but it is super cost inefficient.

Amazon has a program called Subscribe and Save which allows you to ship common household items that you buy weekly and ship them directly to your house. It is super convenient and you will actually end up saving around 15% off these household items. You can check out this
program here.


5. Make Smartphone Apps Your Best Friend

When you are leaving the grocery store, make sure to snap a photo of your receipt. There are various smartphone apps that will give you cash back on certain items that you buy.

Check out theses apps: Ibotta, SavingStar, and Checkout51.


6. The Publix Promise is a Promise Worth Keeping

This last tip and trick is location-specific as these stores are not nationwide. If you have a Publix where you live, then you need to be made aware of the Publix Promise. If you are shopping and an item rings up wrong, then you will get the product 100% FREE!

So when you are checking out, be sure to watch each and every item ring up. You could score some free groceries if you are paying attention!