Healthy Snacks on a Budget

Are you one of those people who doesn’t usually have time to prepare their breakfast? Do you love to eat healthy snacks during breaks but don’t want to spend too much? If that’s the case then here are some tips to help you make your own snacks fast, easy and cheap! There are thousands of healthy snacks that won’t cost you a fortune out there. They are all easy to make too! Just sit back and consider all of these great snack ideas!

Fantastic Sandwiches

You might find this snack boring but there’s a whole new way to do it! Instead of plain old fillings like mayonnaise, peanut butter or jam, try using different ingredients when preparing your sandwiches. You can spread mozzarella cheese all over your bread and add some slices of hot dogs or sausages, then put it in the toaster overn for a few minutes. When your oven dings, you’ll have a mouth-watering mini pizza. This is a very delicious snack that can also be served to your kids. They will surely love this almost pizza sandwich as a special weekend treat. You can also add different kinds of ingredients to make your sandwiches more inviting. Use your imagination and who knows, you might discover a new sandwich trend that the whole world would crave!

Healthy Salad

Who said you can’t have a garden salad every day? Of course you can ! In just a few minutes too! To make this healthy snack anytime you want, keep salad ingredients in your fridge. Purchase some salad staples like lettuce, onion slices, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, celery or basically anything you want to incorporate. Prepare all the ingredients by chopping and cleaning them then store them in a plastic container, ready to go. Simply pour your favorite dressing, add some seasoning then mix properly and it’s all ready for you to indulge.

Rice Toppings

If you're not a typical rice eater, then there is no harm in trying this snack. Cook rice as usual, jazz it up with some BBQ sauce while it’s hot, add some left-over chicken then sprinkle chopped spring onions. This is a Chinese adopted rice dish called “Chow Fan”. You can use beef and other toppings depending on what you want. Prepare this snack and bring it along with you work. This is the best snack to eat in the morning to gain more energy for work.

Nothing is cheaper than using something that’s available, right? All you need is some creativity to turn monotonous food into something new and different. Save money by preparing yourself a cheap and healthy snack every day. This will you help stay away from both restaurants and office canteens. Preparing yourself these healthy snacks will not only bring great savings but also the benefit of your well-being. It might consume some of your time in preparation but it’ll be worth it. Give yourself some time to learn all these great, cheap and healthy snacks!

             Do you know how to make healthy snacks that won't cost that much? Teach us by leaving comments below!