Here Are 11 Frugal Habits to Adopt Today!

Blog | February 21st, 2020

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Some are often beyond what we can do and some we can do but…just don’t. No need for despair! Here are 11 ideas that might tip you over to some financially good habits. At the least, you’ll be frugal and that’s a great start!

Save on Simple Things, Like Water!

Instead of spending $30+ per month on bottled water for one person…get the same healthy quality by purchasing one $30 water filter for your faucet. That filter will last for months while providing water for an entire family… saving you a huge bundle!

Buy Clothing During the End of the Season on Blowout Sales!

You can save a minimum of half, sometimes 75% or more. Not only will you save money right off the top, but you can also afford better quality clothes that will last years longer…saving even more!

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Save on Flea Protection!

I have three dogs. Flea protection can get expensive. I have found that instead of using one vial of flea protection per dog…I can split that vial three ways! Dividing has worked perfectly! Not one single flea issue, not one single tick, my dogs aren’t subjected to more chemicals than necessary and I save a bundle of money!

Buy in Bulk!

If you have space, more is better! Even if you have to invest in a small freezer, you’ll still come out ahead. Be sure not to overbuy on things you won’t use. Watch for sales when meat is at its lowest price, then stock up! The bigger the package you buy the more you save. This rule holds true on anything from dog food to toilet paper. You will also save time and gas with less frequent shopping trips!

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Indulge Occasionally!

Pick up some reusable coffee containers with lids at discount stores. Make your coffee ‘to go’ at home instead of spending five dollars per day for the expensive versions. You’ll be amazed at how much cash you will save! Go ahead and indulge in that special frappe from time to time…with all the money you’ll save, you deserve it!

Wash Less!

Don’t be so quick to toss an outfit that’s only been worn for an hour into the laundry basket. Not only are you wasting water and raising your bill but you’re also spending too much on laundry detergent and fabric softener. Add to that, the wear and tear on your washer and dryer. Last but not least…your clothes will wear out faster causing you to spend even more! If it’s genuinely dirty, of course, wash it! But if there’s not a spot on it and it still smells fresh…hang it up and wear it again!

Freeze It!

Making big pots of anything is cost-effective but can grow tiresome to the palate. Divide into two or three meals and freeze them. You’ll have easy meals ready to go a few weeks from now when your taste buds are craving them again.

Make a List!

Every time I go out without one, I spend more! Having a list will help you focus on exactly what you need and how much. Survey your pantry and refrigerator to be sure you don’t already have the needed ingredients, avoiding buying double. You’ll have more in your bank account and less in the trash.

Buy Gifts Ahead When You See a Deal!

How many times have you needed a gift and spent too much on something blah? Make a list of your usual gift recipients. Without a list, you’re sure to forget someone. Family, friends, nieces, nephews, special neighbors…the list goes on. Keep the list in your wallet or on your phone. It helps me to list each person under “their month”. When you’re out and under no pressure, you’re much more likely to find the perfect gift rather than waiting until the hectic last minute. And chances are you’ll find a deal, making their gift twice as nice!

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Make Your Own Foaming Soaps!

I fell in love the first time I saw the bottles of foaming soap! No more thick, gummy stuff that takes forever to wash off. And bars of soap…yuck… every place you lay it is awkward. The drawback of the fluffy stuff is the price! I discovered that I could save those bottles, add about 1/4 inch of the thick soap or even dish detergent…then slowly fill the bottle with warm water. Shake it up and you have instant foaming soap for pennies!

Freeze Fruit That’s Too Ripe!

It’s hard to hit it right when buying fruits; also veggies like avocados. Either they’re not ripe enough when you’re ready to use them or by the time you’re ready they have over-ripened. Don’t waste your money by throwing them away! Put them in airtight containers and freeze them! They are perfect for smoothies which can be turned into a nutritious snack or even a delicious meal!