Homemade Costume Ideas – Perfect for a Frugal Halloween!

Blog | October 10th, 2012

Homemade Costume Ideas – Perfect for a Frugal Halloween!

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to save a few dollars – maybe that’s what brought you to Get It Free in the first place! However, just because money is tight doesn’t mean your kid can’t have a creative and memorable Halloween costume!

This year, choose to save money (and add some individuality!) by going with a homemade Halloween costume! For an already-frugal household, this may not sound new. However, whether you’ve always made your own costumes or would like to give it a shot this year, here are some ideas to get you started!

1. Classic Ghost Costume

A white sheet with holes cut out for the eyes

White, long sleeve shirt to wear underneath

White pants, socks and shoes

White gloves

2. Pampered Princess Costume

Bathrobe (any old ones your kids used to have)

Pajamas (plain or printed will do)

Bedroom slippers

Towel for head or curlers

Sleep mask

3. Nerd Costume

Too-small pants (either go for the short ones or high risers)

Shirt tucked in with pocket

Hair slicked down with gel

An old pair of eyeglasses (with the lenses popped out, and some tape around the bridge)

Long socks

Dress or running shoes

4. Kitty Costume

Any black clothes, preferably a leotard or tights if available

Black shoes and socks

Face paint for whiskers and nose

Ears (headband with felt)

A long, black sock or a piece of fabric for a tail

5. Chef Costume

Any apron you have at home

White button down shirt or a shirt that matches your apron

Black pants and shoes

Tall chef’s hat or hair net

A big pot to collect candy in (with a big wooden spoon)

6. Hobo Costume

Old tattered clothes with a few holes (maybe some of Dad’s old work clothes will do)

An old, beat-up hat

An old pair of well-scuffed shoes

Worn canvas sack on a stick over the shoulder carrying candy

7. Scarecrow Costume

Overalls or jeans

Flannel shirt

Straw to stuff under the cuffs of the jeans and shirt

A straw hat

Rope belt

Washable marker (to paint freckles!)

8. Big Box of Presents Costume

Big box wrapped in festive wrapping paper

Large bow to place on your head

Cut holes on sides of box for arms, and in the top of the box for your head

9. Bunch of Grapes Costume

Purple long-sleeve shirt

Purple balloons fastened to shirt

How easy are these costumes! Most of them can be created with stuff that you already own, and the only items that may need to be purchased are very cheap! Halloween is about fun and creativity, not about high-priced costumes. What other ideas do you have? Let us know!