Homemade Ice Cream – 3 Simple Steps!

Blog | August 22nd, 2012

Ice cream – the timeless treat for people of all ages! In fact, there are many flavors of ice cream that are commercially available on the market today. Rocky road, strawberry, chocolate or even vanilla, many people love this creamy, delicious treat! Ice cream can be bought from any local grocery or convienience store and prices may vary depending on the brand, flavors and ingredients.

Although commercial ice creams are readily available anytime, few things taste better than homemade ice cream. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own ice cream, you might find it’s easier than you think! It will only take 3 simple steps to make delicious ice cream if you want a tasty treat. If you’re worrying about buying an ice cream maker, don’t worry! Overpriced equipment is not necessary when you use this method. If you’re excited and ready to learn how, then here are some tips for you!

1. The ingredients you’ll need to make homemade ice cream are: 1 tablespoon of sugar, ½ cup of milk, ¼ teaspoon of vanilla, 6 teaspoons of rock salt, 1 pint sized Zip lock bag, 1 gallon size garbage bag and ice cubes. You can get a sweet taste of vanilla ice cream with these common ingredients. Once you have gathered them all, you are ready to start making your first homemade ice cream.

2. To begin, fill the garbage bag half full of ice, then add the rock salt. After the ice and rock salt, you need to seal the bag and set it aside. Next, mix the milk, vanilla, and sugar in a zip lock bag then seal it up when you’re done. Put the small zip lock bag inside a large garbage bag full of ice and salt and seal it again carefully.

3. After you have joined the two bags together, shake it in a circular motion until the mixture is in the consistency you desire. This will take about 5 to 10 minutes of continuous shaking. Wipe off the top of the small bag and open it slowly. Your mixture should look similar to store-bought ice cream. Also, you can add other flavors you want such as chocolate, raspberry, peach, strawberry or even peppermint (yummy!) while using the same method!

Once you have mastered these steps, you can have great tasting, flavorful ice cream like the major brands. Keep in mind that eating homemade ice cream is healthier, more economical and cheaper. You can also use this knowledge to earn extra income by taking orders of homemade ice creams around your neighborhood.

Do you know other homemade yummy treats? If so, then kindly share it with us by leaving your comments below!