How to Create a Romantic Date Night at Home For Under $50!

Blog | February 10th, 2023

Romantic date nights can come in all sorts of packages and should be a gift given frequently without a holiday involved. Think back to your first date or two and the warm fuzzy emotions along with the desire to spend time together topped with little loving gestures.

Keeping that trend will fuel a spark in relationships, old and new, to carry you to the special place where only a strong love can take you. Many will arrive at those true golden years still holding hands and each other’s hearts! So, here’s to romance and affordable date nights that cost less than $50!

Starting with Candlelight

Can a description really be put on the feel and ambiance of a candlelight dinner? That magical flicker can add peace, and relaxation and set the perfect mood from fine dining to simple, cuddly moments. Instead of waxy mishaps, switch over to LED candles that can be used over and over again to create a romantic meal or be transported to any room in your home for the perfect atmosphere to emerge.

Free Musical Entertainment

Right behind candlelight, a soft musical background is a needed change from the busy noise and distraction of news channels, cell phones, and the constant interruption of electronics. Although a device of some sort will be needed, keep it out of sight and for ears only as you pull up a free YouTube channel with your choice of free, continuous music that will set the mood as it should be.

The Marvelous Meal

The last thing you want is for your date night to turn into a work night. With Walmart to the rescue, you can purchase a large Stouffer‘s Lasagna for around $10, which is honestly better than homemade and there’s something about pasta that tends to be on the romantic list. Put together two abundant organic salads with pre-washed spring mix and spinach from Walmart for $5. For dessert, what’s more special than cheesecake? You can get this one for less than $8 which includes two slices each of New York Style, Strawberry Swirl, Chocolate Marble, and Brownie! That’s plenty for dinner and a picnic later! Add a bottle of sparkling water and you have a fabulous dinner for two that rings up at approximately $26!

For the Finger Food Fanatic

Maybe the relationship is early and a sit-down meal seems a bit too stiff and awkward. If that’s the case, choose some simple, lighthearted appetizers that are easy to eat, a.k.a. date food! Dips and chips are always divine and one-bite options like jalapeño poppers are a plus for a relaxed, stay-at-home movie night.

Be a Dining Out Duo

From stay-at-home moms to those that work at home, getting out can be romantic in itself! But how do you dine on a dime away from the house? Simply get creative! A spicy date night does not have to be at some overpriced, stuffy restaurant. Pop on your PJ pants and head to the Sonic drive-in, or someplace similar, then snuggle up and order most anything on the menu while staying in your car and price range! Follow that up with a trip to a drive-in movie (they still exist!) or drive somewhere to take in a romantic view to cap off your date night.

Maybe you need to get out of the car as well as the house. In that case, keep the price low by checking your area for nightly specials, coupons, cash back on your credit card at participating restaurants…and the list goes on!

With a dash of imagination and a sprinkle of planning, you’ll have your break and eat too while enjoying a romantic date night at home…or if you choose, an amazing affordable night out!

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