How to Make Extra Income as a Single Mom

Blog | August 27th, 2019

Life as a single mom is tough. Relying on a single income and struggling from paycheck to paycheck seem to go hand in hand. However, there are ways for a single mom to supplement their income and cut costs.

Moms looking to change their financial situation for the better can start by going online. Upgrading education, changing careers, and adding a side job can all be done at home with an internet connection. Below we’ll take a took a look at ways a single mom can make some extra money.

Change Careers

Successful people change jobs frequently. While the prospect of changing jobs may seem daunting, it may also lead to a better income. Every time you switch jobs, you bring with you a wealth of experience from your previous workplace. Over time, this experience builds and makes you a more valuable asset to any employer.

Many careers offer flexibility in terms of hours and time off, critical when you are the sole parent in a household. Location is also an issue – many employers allow their employees to work remotely. Below are jobs that offer flexible work with significant potential to increase earnings.
  • Sales – if you are motivated and like people, sales often allows you to work from home and earn extra income.
  • Healthcare – five of the top ten most in-demand jobs are in this field. Whether you work with patients or in an office, the opportunities are endless.
  • Childcare – exorbitant daycare costs are draining families. Opening a home daycare, or watching other children before or after school is an excellent extra income without any investment.

Lower Your Expenses

Most single moms already budget, but there are always ways to save. Ditching your daily Starbucks coffee is a start, but here are other ways to save without having to say “no” to all the things you enjoy.

Lower the Electric Bill

Thanks to global warming, electricity bills continue to rise. Most power companies have time-of-use pricing. This means using power costs more at certain times of the day. Run your dryer and dishwasher at night. These appliances use lots of energy, and the cheapest power is usually between dinner and breakfast.

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Ditch the Vehicle

Insurance, gas, parking, repairs, and payments make owning a vehicle a drain on your wallet. If you can, get rid of your car. Uber and improved public transportation will save you vast sums of money versus owning a vehicle. If not, at least upgrade to an electric vehicle, which will pay for itself over the life of the car.

Shop at the Budget-Friendly Grocery Store

The “nice” grocery store might be a little cleaner and have a bigger selection of olives, but it costs significantly more. Budget grocers like Aldi or Trader Joe’s may not have name brands, but their prices are much lower than traditional grocery stores.

Take Courses

Maybe you’ve been wanting to upgrade your career or improve your finances but found that your education level is holding you back. Thanks to online education, acquiring a degree from a respected institution is easier than ever.

Many well-known colleges offer online degrees, from B.A.s to Masters and even PhDs. Course work is often flexible, meaning you can complete assignments on your own time. Single moms crushed for time can complete work in the evening, or on days off when the kids are at school or daycare.

Find a Side Hustle

Side hustles are all the rage these days, mostly because it is easy to acquire one. What exactly is a side hustle? A side hustle is any income you regularly earn that isn’t your primary source of money. For a single mom, a side hustle can be transformative.

Many, if not most, side hustles are online. You’ve seen those Facebook posts inviting you to a friend’s Avon or Mary Kay party. Your friend earns a percentage of every sale she makes. Even if you only earn a few hundred dollars a month, that is enough to pay a bill or two.

Not every side hustle works for a single mom – most of us don’t have a lake house to Airbnb or flexibility to drive an Uber. Below are some realistic side hustles for single moms.
  • Freelance – many different sites allow you to market your skills, for free, to potential clients. If your first language is English and you can type, then you can earn money. Sites like Upwork and Fiverr list thousands of new freelancing jobs every day.
  • Tutor – whether you are tutoring online or in person, tutoring is bigger than ever. This means charging $40 an hour is possible. A few hours a week and you are looking at close to $400 a month. Online tutoring is also possible on sites like Skooli. Both online and in-person tutoring can occur in the comfort of your home.
  • Tax Prep/Bookkeeper – are you an exceptionally organized, mathematically oriented person? Tax preparation is a job that most avoid and pay others to do for them. H&R Block can charge up to $100 for a single person’s return, so there is an opportunity to build a clientele, work from home, and make decent money.

The best part about a side hustle is that you control the amount of extra money you make. An extra couple hundred dollars per month can help a single mom pay bills and potentially lead to something more lucrative down the road.