How To Plan The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt!

Blog | April 4th, 2022

With Easter comes spring celebrations and eggs-citing activities for the kiddos. Easter egg hunts have been traced back to the 1700’s when Pennsylvania Dutch children believed that the Easter hare called Oschter Haws laid eggs in the grass. With South German folk traditions, extra obstacles were added to the hunt by placing them into hard-to-reach places which, believe it or not, included flowering nettles and thorns. Thankfully, traditions have become a bit more tame, enjoyable and child friendly. In fact, with a little planning, you can pull off a perfect Easter egg hunt. Here’s some ideas to get you on the right bunny trail!

Cost Control

Have everyone attending bring pre-stuffed eggs. Each participating child should contribute two dozen or more to have a great harvest for each hunter. This also takes the financial burden off of any individual host.

Be Prepared

Everyone that hunts should bring their own basket. Be prepared for the forgetful few by having a handful of Dollar Tree baskets on hand. When the hunt has ended, have the borrowed basket collectors put their eggs in a sturdy plastic grocery bag for the trip home. You can then save the spares for next year.

Put Your Eggs In One Cute Basket

To add extra festivities to the hunt and ensure everyone has a basket, send an early memo to participants. Have them save and thoroughly wash a gallon plastic milk jug. Adults, cut a large opening in the top, keeping the handle intact. All you’ll need is a bag of cotton balls, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and construction paper. With these items, hot glue ears, whiskers, eyes and a cotton tail. All the kids will have a cute new basket!

Share the Joy 

No one wants to see some children with an overflow and others with little to none. Depending on how many hunters you have, set the rules of how many eggs each child can retrieve. If it’s a small group, each child can be designated a certain color. It’s all about making it a happy event and that’s the plan of these instructions.

Content Control

Depending on the weather, choose your egg contents wisely. If it’s expected to be a scorcher, you know how that will melt chocolate! If little ones are on the hunt, stickers and items that aren’t a choking hazard are a must.

Up the Stakes…and Eggs

For older kids, add a bit of a challenge to finding the treasures. For elementary ages, a slightly visible hunt is exciting. But preschoolers may need a totally visible hunting ground to keep their focus, and smiles abundant.

Keep Allergies In Mind 

Even rainy days can’t ruin an Easter egg hunt the way allergies can. Peanut allergies can be life-threatening and gluten allergies take the fun out of everything for several days by adding stomach cramps, bloating, and nausea. While you’re checking out allergy culprits, steer clear of artificial everything and choose real ingredients to make a happy, healthier hunt!

Add Some Fluff

Often the hunt is over quicker than you think. Kids are clever and many are more than pros at finding hidden treasures! To avoid any Easter blues or letdowns, have a simple craft to end your festivities. Click here to create cuddly little bunnies that will be around long after the candy has disappeared!

With fearless fun, cute baskets filled with an abundance of the best the bunny has to offer, your hunt will be practically perfect in every way!

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