How To Defrost Your Fridge!

Blog | November 20th, 2012

How To Defrost Your Fridge!

Knowing how to defrost your refrigerator the proper way is very important! This sort of knowledge could save you from paying high-cost maintenance and repair bills, or from purchasing a new one. Although there are modern refrigerators that are designed to be frost-free, many families are using models that require defrosting. If your refrigerator has accumulated heavy ice deposits in its freezer compartment, then it’s time for you to take immediate action! Instead of calling a service technician and pay the bill, do it yourself and save some money!

When defrosting your refrigerator, you should choose when you want to do it in advance. The reason behind this is because the defrosting procedure can take between 5 to 8 hours. You can schedule it during the weekend to give yourself lots of free time to clean. Starting early will also allow you to consume all your perishable foods such as frozen meats, dairy products like milk and cheese and things like that. If that’s not possible, ask your neighbor if they will let you store these items in their refrigerator for a while. This will help to make the process easier and more convenient.

To begin, remove all the perishable and non-perishable items from the refrigerator. If an item is required to be stored in a cool place, you can put them in a cooler box with some ice in it. This will prevent them from getting warm. To continue, turn off the refrigerator properly and pull the plug out from the socket. Although some would suggest that unplugging the refrigerator is unnecessary, this step is essential to keep you safe from electric shocks and from other possible electric dangers. When you’re done, open one or two refrigerator doors and leave them open depending on the model you own. You can also use a hair dryer to make the melting process faster!

As the ice melts, use old towels to absorb the melting water. When you notice large ice chunks separating from the appliance, carefully remove them with your bare hands as they separate. Remember, do not use any sharp objects like a knife, screwdriver or a hammer since these tools can cause severe damage to your refrigerator. This may also include puncturing the cooling surface that can ruin your cooling system. The best solution is to wait for the ice to melt its own.

Once your refrigerator is free from any ice, clean the inside using a mixture of cold water and mild soap together with a nonabrasive cleaning sponge. Take the sponge, dip it into the mixture, and wipe the entire inside of your appliance. After, rinse using another sponge from a clean bucket of water and be sure to remove any excess soap remains. Next, dry your refrigerator with a clean cloth or towel and let it remain open for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. When you’re all done, place the shelves back and return all the food items into the refrigerator.

You should defrost your refrigerator a few times a years. However, you can do it more often if you find it necessary. And remember to defrost your refrigerator properly using this simple guide!

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