How to Put Together an Epic Picnic for 2 under $40

Blog | August 2nd, 2022

As summer winds down, daylight does too. The cool air and comfortable atmosphere are more plentiful when sunlight begins to fade to early evening sunsets and paints a breathtaking backdrop to surround a perfect picnic for two!

With nature’s props in place, enjoy an affordable, unforgettable, end-of-summer dining option just for the two of you!

Picnics are a combination of food, ambiance, and company that capture the picture of summer meals spent around campfires, grills, pools, slightly sunlit to moonlight evenings, and any place that calls your name. A warm, budget-friendly option, frozen in time can easily be yours! Read on to get inspired!

Candlelight on a Summer Night

Real candles may be a hindrance and not quite what you had in mind when you dreamed up an end-of-summer blowout. To help in saving money for the meal, and to literally put your money where your mouth is, use items around the house to set up a cozy table for two. Any small table with two dining chairs will be just the thing. Top your table with reusable candles like these and a realistic flame that lingers as long as you do over your well-deserved, intimate, outdoor escape. With this romantic setting, any meal will be perfection.

Wine and Dine on a Budget

Mix things up a bit for a memorable and affordable picnic for two! Crank up the fire pit and slow roast (yes, use top quality) hot dogs over the crackling flames. Turn ordinary into an outdoor specialty with a topping of cowboy beans, just be sure to add forks! Pour a glass of your favorite wine or bubbly and you’ve got yourself a low-cost, sensational summer picnic like no other. Who cares if your drink and food don’t “pair”. These moments are all about you…the special pair, time together, and doing things your way!

Upscale to Unusual 

If you want to make your picnic and dinner for two lean toward elegance, yet still enjoy the soul-touching summer breezes, this is a meal to remember! Start or end your evening with this beverage of flaming Spanish coffee sandwiched between your meal and dessert. Though much more impressive than meat and bread, here you have a wild-caught cubed salmon skewer made with Japanese mayonnaise and honey surrounded by a delicious Greek yogurt with cucumber sauce and red wine vinegar tomato salad. Impress your partner with a picnic that combines both fire and spice to your evening with a presentation that is out of this world!

Traditional Picnic with a Splash

Water features make everything special so show your good taste with a setup beside a dramatic waterfall or a simple sparkling poolside. Pack a traditional red checkered tablecloth and matching utensils from the dollar store for effortless clean-up. In keeping with fast and simple, pick up a bucket of fried chicken to go with this quick and easy homemade potato salad and the cowboy beans left over from your previous fireside picnic. After a nostalgic meal, lay back and sink into carefree childhood memories gazing at and wishing upon the first star you see as night falls. Make it a good one, it could very well come true!

Bring your summer to a memorable close with epic picnics that include the ultimate atmosphere and range vastly from cozy rustic to elegantly exciting! Picnics for two aren’t limited to just those kind of “couples.” They can be tweaked for catching up with a bestie, bonding time for parent and child, or a special outing with anyone whose company you love. Trade any generic restaurant dinner for a one-on-one experience that is more affordable than going out and can be put together for under $40! 

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