How to Redecorate Any Room for Under $100

Blog | July 30th, 2020

We’ve been at home more now than ever! Boredom has drastically set in and many budgets have tightened. Giving any room in your home a little facelift can work wonders for your mood. The fact that a little redecorating can go a long way and it can be done for under $100 only adds to the destressing possibilities!


Let’s start with the obvious. Paint changes everything. It’s inexpensive if you do it yourself. Giving any room a different color is a great place to start any new décor endeavors. Keep in mind, using neutral colors will allow you to simply change a few accessories should you grow tired of the new look. Or even try painting an accent wall, playing with texture, or experimenting with abstract shapes!

Deep Cleaning

You might be surprised at what a deep cleaning can do. Clearing the dust, dusting the baseboards and a good carpet cleaning will make everything feel fresh and new. Not to mention the health benefits! Less clutter can also change the entire look of any room! Redecorating can sometimes be as simple as “de-decorating”!

Antique Store Deals

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of yard sale items or second-hand cloth furniture. But wood, on the other hand, is a different story! These days new, hardwood furniture items are hard to come by. Most are a composite board that won’t last past the first glass ring bubbling up the surface. Antique stores often have the real deal. And when it’s real, it can be easily cleaned, sanitized, refinished and given a new life to last for generations to come!

Frame Your Treasures

Do you have box after box of grandma’s heirlooms? Or maybe even some of your own childhood memories. Instead of keeping them stashed in a corner, garage or attic try repurposing them! One option is to buy picture frames and cover the cardboard backing with fabric. Attach your memories and display them. When a house is filled with items attached to the family, you will continue to relive the joy of happy memories thus giving your home much more than redecorating alone ever could! 

Tip: check Hobby Lobby for 50% off sales on picture frames. Or go for super simplicity with frames from the Dollar Tree.

Room Rug

Carpet is out of the question for this budget. But a very large area rug will almost feel like new flooring. New flooring makes an entire room feel new! You could even play with layering smaller area rugs or repositioning them diagonally versus vertically or horizontally under furniture.

Paint Old Furniture

I am more of a fan of refinishing and restoring old wood. But a popular trend these days is painting furniture. Refinishing is more time-consuming where painting can be done quickly. It just depends on your time and where your taste lies.

Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging isn’t limited to one room. Try switching up some furniture from all over the house. Remove large items to make your room feel bigger and less cluttered. Move the TV or other pieces from one room to another for a whole different feel.

Remove Blinds and Hang Curtains

Blinds are hard to clean and often make a room feel cluttered while blocking more natural light than they give. Without them, you can see outdoors better. They take up window sill space that could be used for display. Curtains are cheaper and can be taken down and washed much easier than blinds. They also add color. Buy room darkening curtains to keep the early morning light out when you want to sleep in. They also give a great movie room effect. When you open them, your home gets a huge burst of mood-lifting light!

Use Seasonal Decorations

Christmas isn’t the only time that holiday decorations can change the atmosphere of a room. And beach decor isn’t just for the beach! Use the coastal theme for summer decor just as you use snowy items for Christmas and pastel colors for Easter. By using this technique, your rooms can take on a new look several times a year with little effort or cost!

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