Items You Can Reuse – And Probably Don’t!

Blog | September 6th, 2012

Items You Can Reuse – And Probably Don’t!

Many of you aspiring frugalistas have already mastered, or at least on the road to mastering, the art of reusing!  If not, here are a few great places to get started.

If you are in the mindset of saving, saving and saving then you might have already gotten the whole idea of recycling. Well, that is fantastic! However, if you are just starting, this idea might seem intimidating. Yet, you will realize that it isn’t as terrifying as you may think! Recycling, or even just reusing is really easy – and in most cases, fun!

Here is the Top 10 List of some easy items to reuse that you may have not considered before.

Teabags – If you are fond of drinking tea, then you might have already discovered that one teabag can actually get you three cups. If you are not going to drink three cups in one day, you can put your teabag in a glass dish and place it in the fridge until the next time you want to have a cup!

Tinfoil – This can only be applied for used tinfoil that does not contact food! Simply refold your used tinfoil into squares and have it stored until the next time you need it. This way, you can make a roll of tinfoil last nearly forever.

Coffee Grounds – You can stop throwing them away! However, you can no longer use it for another pot of coffee. Nevertheless, you can have your coffee grounds as additional help for your compost bin as fertilizer!

Plastic Bags – All types of plastic bags can be easily reused. So, stop throwing away your bread bags, sandwich bags, and even produce bags. If they are all clean, you can fold them up and store in a cabinet; if not, you can wash them in soapy water, rinse and let dry.

Glass Jars – Glass jars are excellent storage for leftovers! If the glass jar is airtight, you can store dry goods in them like sugar, flour and even pasta! You can also choose among your empty glass jars and have the pretty ones sorted out. They can be used in fun ways to hold pens, pencils or your toothbrush!

Brown Paper Bags – Brown paper = wrapping paper! Your brown paper bags with a red ribbon look fantastically (and surprisingly) classy!

Egg Cartons – If you are a gardener, your egg cartons are excellent for starting seedlings! You can cut off the lid, fill the cups with your favorite potting soil and go for it! The best part of reusing your egg cartoons is that you can cut each cup if your seedling is ready and have it planted in the soil. Eventually, the cartoon will just disintegrate!

Glass Soda Bottles – These make really pretty vases! Or, you can also fill them with scented oil, salts and have them decorated with simple bows! These are great gift ideas!

Greeting Cards – Save on just about any greeting card! Cut out the picture, grab some fancy scissors and place it on a fancy matching cardstock! You can choose to stamp or print out any saying of your choice!

What other items do you have in mind? Tell us by writing your comments!