It’s Fall Y’all: How to Decorate for Fall at the Dollar Store

Blog | October 6th, 2020

Fall is the time of year that decorates itself. Trees become breathtaking with red, orange, and gold while producing acorns and pinecones as take-home decor. Wildlife prepares for winter by gathering food to stock up on. You can sit on your porch or watch from your window to soak in the beauty of autumn. But doesn’t that make you want to bring this incredible time of year indoors? Transform your home from summer to fall without spending a fortune when you shop at Dollar Tree!

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Coffee Mugs and Table Settings

As you start the day with your coffee, (whether you love pumpkin spice or not) you can add a fall touch by drinking from a coffee mug that suits the season.

We have coffee nooks for the brew and accessories, but how about some snuggly seclusion for yourself? Turn a corner or special spot into the essence of cozy with this pumpkin wall hanging that doubles as a thankful reminder in the season of blessings. On tabletops, scatter silk maple leaves that have stepped from summer into their most radiant glory! Then sit back, sip, and immerse yourself in everything fall!

Plates and Glasses

Fill mealtime with comfort foods and comfortable surroundings. Eat from dinner plates that serve the season well and drink from glassware that quenches your thirst along with your cravings for cool, crisp weather. Stand or hang a lettered reminder of what makes every season special…gathering with family!


Clutter will take the magic out of any home, but where do you hide those necessities that seem to have no permanent storage residence? Lining shelves, closets, or just about anywhere with seasonal colored baskets will hide any hideous mess while blending as a backdrop to bring the beautiful colors of the autumn outdoors…indoors!

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Glass Cylinders

Glass cylinders are a perfect year-round must-have that are interchangeable with any season or celebration. Fill them with collected pinecones, acorns, sweet gum balls, stones, and other fall finds to decorate your home with nature’s beauty. Or, let them show off an arrangement of silk flowers, foliage, or glittery branches. Add a string of battery powered LED lights when you want a subtle autumn glow. These lights add a glowing touch anywhere without the worry of a power cord! They are especially beautiful when used to light up a door wreath at night! And don’t forget your bathroom – a small glass tower full of convenient LEDs and other pretty fillers will make a spectacular, magical night light!


Candles add a cozy mood-setting any time of year. They allow an easy way to match seasonal colors while adding a campfire glow to any room of your home. Always remember to keep real flames in a safe place, away from anything combustible and especially out of the reach of children.


Wreath forms offer endless ways of adding a personal touch to your decor. Let the kids join in and stand amazed at the beautiful result of their creativity using deco mesh and fall flower/pumpkin stems. Wreaths are a beautiful addition to any door, yet can also be the perfect table centerpiece. Use smaller decorated versions as candle rings. There are so many possibilities!

Spanish Moss, Corn Stalks, and Hay Bales

Spanish moss will gladly step in as a filler for everything from empty spots on wreaths to a finishing touch in a flower arrangement. As fall creeps into Halloween, grey moss will also add a spooky effect to absolutely anything! Stock up now before they run out as it is often hard to catch it when Halloween approaches.

Nothing says fall more than corn stalks and hay bales. If space is limited, these mini versions will bring autumn to any tabletop, mantle, bookshelf, or coffee nook. Add some tiny pumpkins and scarecrows to bring it all to life anywhere you choose to put them.

Be sure to shop early to get your fall fixin’s so you don’t miss a minute celebrating the year’s most beautiful season!

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