Join Real Dogs of America and Get a Free Membership Kit from ALPO!

Real Dogs of America is a group dedicated to recognizing and celebrating real dogs in all their stick-chewing, mud-tracking, squirrel-chasing glory.

Sign up for the Real Dogs of America sponsored by Alpo and get your free membership kit! Register your dog in “RDA” and you can parade proud with your dog as an official RDA Member.

With a Free Membership, you will receive a kit with the following: Official “Real Dog” Papers suitable for framing; “Real Dog on Board” cling sticker; “Real Dogs Eat Meat” handbook, and so much more!

Register for free and receive your free kit by following these instructions:

1. Click to Redeem to get started. You will be directed to ALPO’s Facebook page.

2. Login to your Facebook account and click on the “Like” button.

3. Click on Join Now.

4. Fill out the form with complete details.

5. Click on Send Me My Private Kit.

6. Make your dog an official RDA member!