Make Back-to-School Season Easy With These Life Hacks

Blog | August 4th, 2017

Make Back-to-School Season Easy With These Life Hacks

Back-to-school season can be tough for parents and children alike. New routines and schedules frustrate families and add stress to their daily lives. That’s why we’re sharing our most useful tips for making sure you and your children get off to a great start this fall!

Late Summer Wakeup Calls

The first day of school is bound to be chaotic, but you can still help your kids feel ready. Set everyone’s alarm based on their school schedule, but activate it during the last week of summer. That way everyone is used to it by the first day!

Plan Your Meals While You Can

Families tend to make last-minute meal decisions when school starts, which leads to unhealthy and expensive choices. Plan out what kind of food you’ll have time to prepare, including school lunches, so you can search for the best deals on those items. Just because school is starting, doesn’t mean you can’t save!

Let Your Kids Decide (Sometimes)

The end of summer can be a sad time for your children. Get them excited for school by making them part of the preparation process. Let them pick out some of their school supplies, outfits and potential lunches. This will give them a better attitude. which will do wonders for the first few weeks of school!

Make Room For Fall Clutter

Everyone’s schedule changes when school starts again, and that means there could be a lot of stuff laying around your house that nobody will use until next summer. Put away the summer toys, clothes and gear that you won’t need. That way there won’t be double the mess when school starts!

Use Seasonal Sales To Stock Up

Retailers everywhere offer back-to-school sales for supplies, clothes, food and even computers. Make a list of your needs and research sales in your area now so you are equipped to get the best deals possible!

Set After School Rules

After-school activities are important for every student, but they can add stress to an already busy schedule. Put a calendar near the door and teach everyone to use it so nobody forgets a practice, meeting or activity!

Find Time For Family

Last, but not least, pick at least one night a week for a family activity. The stresses of school can make it hard to remember the value of spending time with each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching a movie, playing a board game or having a picnic, as long as you’re doing it together!