Make the Most of a Hotel Stay With Perks That are FREE!

Blog | October 26th, 2021

Hotel prices seem to climb as high and fast as the structures themselves. We have all heard the saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”. In a roundabout way, the same applies to a hotel stay. The more free things you can get, the more money you save which in turn can be mentally deducted on your costly stay. Keep that in mind as you reach for your credit card, keeping the things you can get for free in your back pocket. Aside from the micro bottles of toiletries meant for two or more, there are other options out there that are worth asking for!


Let the establishment know if you are spending your wedding night, anniversary, or some other special occasion at their hotel. Often they will surprise you with a free upgrade or a bottle of champagne to help you celebrate.

Night Caps

Hotels want you to have a restful night’s sleep and come away with positive things to say about that. Recommendations go a long way for their ratings! To help you slip into slumber there is likely an offering of free tea or coffee, including decaf, to initiate the warm and cozy feeling it takes to snuggle up and sleep deep!

Free Shuttles

Asking about a free shuttle will save you gas and money as well as keep your stress levels low from having to maneuver the streets of a strange place. If you flew to your destination and planned strategically, this option could save you from needing a rental car. And if you drove the distance yourself, sit back, relax and enjoy a free ride! If not shuttles, ask about free bike rentals which are often offered as a way to get a closer look at your vacation destination.


Most hotels offer at minimum a continental breakfast which consists of simple pastries, toast, fruit, juice, and coffee. Do your homework before booking as places are now trying to step up their game and beat the competition with a better breakfast to start your day. You can put that money in your pocket, upgrade your dinner or bring home a special souvenir!

Happy Hour

This is a new game plan that has come on the hotel scene. Offering a pre-dinner drink, something special for the kids, and an array of appetizers will do just as the name states in keeping visitors happy.


Many hotels, especially the bed and breakfast type, bring each day to a close with warm, fresh-baked cookies, cakes, or pastries. Be sure to ask because sometimes they’re secretly sitting unnoticed in the dining areas. Don’t miss out and instead drop your cash into a vending machine of blah!

Add a Little Extra!

Speaking of toiletries, the front desk keeps quite a stash. Have each person in your room ask for extras. Chances are you brought your own, so take leftovers home and load up a guest basket with soap, shampoo, shower caps, and personal-sized conveniences when you have visitors. This is just another way to save some cash when the company comes. These will also come in handy for overnight trips that are not in a hotel. You’ll get through TSA worry-free with these ”babies”!

Upgraded Necessities

When asking for extras, upgrade your requests from the teeny toiletries to things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and other items that can get pricey at a local convenience store.

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Free of Charge

Our cell phones have become our right arm these days. Our gateway to communication. What if you forgot to pack your charger? Hotels are aware of this necessity and could very likely come to your rescue with a free phone cord charger. Some companies offer charging stations in hotels as well to give you a free charge…free of charge!


Hotels realize that cash is becoming less prevalent than cards, so having change for a drink machine isn’t likely and room service is severely overpriced. Providing fruit-filled water dispensers as well as complimentary juice and bottled water is one of the draws hotels are using to attract guests. Managements are realizing that free perks are huge at drawing attention at a minuscule cost to them.

Inconvenience Turned Convenient!

Often annoyances can pay off! If your room wasn’t ready on time, ask for an upgrade or a free umbrella and chairs during your stay at the beach. Since your booking, other rooms may have become available. Ask about a room with a view or a larger corner room. Think outside the box and ask if they offer chocolates and other specialties distinct to just their brand or area. These incentives will make them stand out while they add a special touch to your trip as well as a snowball effect on saving your cash!