Memorable Stocking Stuffers That Won’t Break The Bank

Blog | December 13th, 2018

Getting the right gift is hard. Besides always overthinking it, we also have to limit ourselves to our holiday budget. Here are some memorable stocking stuffer options for kids and adults that won’t break the bank.


For Kids


LEGO City Town Fire Set

You can never go wrong with LEGOs. This cute little city set includes pieces for a small fire car, a fireman figure, fire extinguisher, and trash can with fire coming out of it. Stick this in the kids’ stockings and let their imaginations run wild.

Letter From Santa

Santa is a memorable figure for millions of children. That’s why a customizable letter from Saint Nick is a great finishing touch to any stocking. They’ll be cherishing this letter until next Christmas!


Duncan Yo-Yo

There’s something so inexplicably mesmerizing about making a yo-yo go up and down, especially for children. Let them do so for as long as they wish while you enjoy some holiday peace and quiet for a moment (hopefully).


Silly Putty

Silly Putty has its name for a reason: because kids have a silly amount of fun playing with it. The moldable clay putty is so fun to squish and play with that the amount of joy the kids in your family will be far, far more than what you paid for it.

Hot Wheels Gift Pack

If you have a kid in the family who loves playing with vehicle toys, then there’s probably no better stocking stuffer than this Hot Wheels gift pack with nine different cars included. With so many cars, they’ll be able to start their own mini racetrack. Not only are the wheels hot, but the price is as well!


For Adults


Hanging Glass Tealight Holder

If you’re looking to make an impression with your gift, here it is. CB2 sells a lovely hanging glass tealight holder that looks like it costs much more than it does. It’s a beautiful accent piece to any room or outdoor area. You can even get creative and choose to display a small succulent plant in it instead.


All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm Set

This lovely gift set features four fantastic flavors of lip balm: peppermint, pomegranate, vanilla, and green tea. Not only will it make your lips feel soft and smooth, but you can also feel great about it being made with truly all natural ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging.


Travel Stub Diary

Most people want to keep the memories from their travel experiences alive by saving the paper memorabilia they collect along the way. Especially something simple like a ticket, pamphlet or map. This diary is the perfect stocking stuffer for the traveler in your life.


Personalized Journal

This is the perfect thoughtful stocking stuffer for a family member who always loves to write, draw, or uses a notebook as a daily planner or journal. This beautiful, handmade journal features lovely flower art on the cover and can be personalized with your recipient’s name in gorgeous typography. A fantastic gift.