More (Free, Delicious, Conveniently-Packaged) Ovaltine, Please!

For decades, Ovaltine has been a delicious chocolate drink that always finds it’s way onto the shopping list. It has a way of sparking nostalgia and sending us back to our childhoods, where we would drink the chocolately goodness whenever we had the chance. The drink tastes just as good as it did “back then”, and still has 12 vitamins and minerals. However, unlike back in the day, now you can get Ovaltine in convenient single-use packages! Want to try them? You can for free! Just say, “More Ovaltine please!” Actually… you just need to follow these directions. You can say it if you want, though. Nobody’s going to stop you. 


1. Press “Click to Redeem”.

2. Click “Like” in the top of their Facebook page.

3. Enter your information and click “Submit”.

4. Enjoy!