Motivate Yourself to Save!

                  What’s the hardest part of saving money? To keep saving! Many “dedicated” savers stop saving because they feel as if they’ve saved enough. Others feel that they can slow their spending and rely on small savings. Eventually people begin to forget about small savings and they lose interest in putting away $20 a week. They too stop saving. Here’s how to not, you know, stop what you’ve started.

                  First you have to stay motivated by knowing how much you save… without letting how much you have get in the way. For example, if you’ve saved $700 that’s wonderful! More power to you! Now that you’ve saved well beyond your goal you can afford to spend a little right? Well, avoid emptying your bank account on all the things you denied yourself while pursuing your savings goal. As soon as people reach their goal, many spend a large chunk of it on unnecessary luxuries. When a time comes when they need money, what do they do? They dip into that successful savings. Everyone has that pair of shoes they want to buy, that one movie they need to see or that new restaurant they want to try. Well, don’t indulge yourself on all those things. Try taking on one “reward” per paycheck, or even once a month.

                  Another way to stay motivated is by keeping a savings log. It’s the same concept as an expense log, only it’s for savings! The more you see your savings, the harder it is to forget about it. It’s all mental! Maybe if you want a new car, keep a picture of it in your wallet as motivation. It doesn’t matter how you do it! You need to keep your goals on your mind. If you want to be constantly reminded, be sure to keep your savings log close. Don’t cheat on your savings log to make yourself feel better either. Be honest with your savings and with yourself.

                  Focusing on your goal can do much more than any other tip or trick can ever do. After all, what more motivation do you need than getting what you want? By merely focusing on what you want enough you will save what you need. Some people will focus on their goal so much that they don’t pay much attention to what they save. All they really care about it that they do save. Whatever method works best for you… just make sure to set a goal, surround yourself with motivation and get to it!

                  Saving money is extremely difficult without a clear goal or if you don’t have a plan. Some people just need to remember. Others need to budget like crazy. It all depends on how your mind works. Find your way of saving and you will be successful! How do you stay motivated? Share in the comments!