Planning a Wedding on a Budget

June is said to be the month of weddings, if you're lucky enough to be a June bride then this article is for you! At the moment, your adrenaline might be rushing with all the planning and preparations you encounter. Many believe that it is easier to plan things out when you have a big budget and money is freely flowing. Unfortunately, not everyone has the financial luck of having a luxurious and expensive wedding. Sometimes you have to be very wise with all your expenses just to have the wedding in the first place. Planning with a tight budget is very challenging especially when you're not resourceful. To help you plan things properly, here are some useful tips!

Set Your Budget

You must determine all the things you need and their cost so you can plan well. List all the important stuff and mark those that are a priority. Is your gown the most important? Do you need an expensive reception? Do you want full video coverage during your wedding? Ask yourself these questions to help you realize which things are most important! Cut those you find less important to lower the expenses.

Cut Down The Guest List

Of course you would want to have a wedding with a lot of guests, but that's not practical anymore! You should talk with your partner to discuss this very important matter. Explain to them that you could save more money if you only invite people significant in your lives. Sometimes, invited guests bring unlisted ones like their children, husband or other family members that you never expected to come. You might end up stressed about how to serve food to all of them. This might sound rude, but make sure to specify in your invitations the number of seats allowed for a certain family guest. Just bear in mind that the fewer the better!

Find People That Can Help You

When planning a wedding, you should never be ashamed about asking others for help. Look for people who can do things for free or at discounted rates. Ask your friends, neighbors and family members if they know someone who could lend you a hand. It is sometimes best if you let other people decide on things they know more about. Use some of your charm to ask for discounts on catering and photo services. Try all the possible ways that you can make all the services cheap and affordable!

Planning a wedding on a tight budget can be very exciting if you know all the tricks. Use all of these tips to make your wedding like the one you dreamed of. Just remember to spare some money for your first month as a couple. A wedding is just a ceremony and life after it is most important!

Have you planned a wedding before? Do you know some tips on making it less expensive but more memorable? Kindly share it with us by leaving comments below!