Priceless Low-Cost or Free Mother’s Day Gifts (By Money Strategist Camille Gaines!)

Blog | May 6th, 2013

Priceless Low-Cost or Free Mother’s Day Gifts (By Money Strategist Camille Gaines!)

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Mother’s Day is almost here again. As a mother, I have always treasured and kept the handmade cards that my sons gave me each year.

Getting gifts is always fun, but have you noticed how nice it is to receive a unique gift that someone has made especially for you? In addition to making the recipient feel wonderfully valued and special, custom gifts can be low cost or even free. Here are a few of my tested favorites from over the years.

  1. Assemble a gift basket based on a special interest or passion. Good examples are assorted teas with a mug or teapot, assorted condiments with a special spoon, essential oils with diffuser or a variety of beauty products.  
  2. Purchase a large bag of Epsom salts at the grocery store. Dump them in a nice jar and sprinkle heavily with an essential oil, such as relaxing lavender; add a raffia ribbon and a cute label.
  3. Homemade cards are special because you can select a meaningful poem or quote online, and print it onto card stock paper. You can add your own designs digitally or with colored markers.
  4. Get photos printed and assemble them into a pretty scrapbook. Label with dates and names to create a family heirloom. This fun-to-create gift brought tears to my mother-in-law’s eyes last year.
  5. Make a collage by gluing assorted photos onto a piece of cardboard. Add decorations.
  6. Order a mug with family photos. You can even fill it with candies or tiny soaps, wrap it with cellophane and tie a ribbon around the top.
  7. Buy a pretty vase at the discount store, or tie a ribbon around a nicely shaped vase. Fill it with mom’s favorite flowers.
  8. Create a coupon book on index cards of little things you’ll do for mom. Make a cover. Decorate the cards with colored markers. Hole punch the cards and assemble them into a little book with a thin ribbon.
  9. Create a practical and pretty herb pot in a repurposed or terra cotta container and with herbs from the store or nursery.

And, most importantly, top with a big hug and a few kisses. Happy Mother’s Day!