Proper Ways of Preserving Leftovers

Blog | July 6th, 2012

When it comes to food, storing leftovers is the best way to save money! You can reheat, recook or reinvent them into something new and enticing. However, you can only do this by properly storing leftovers for preservation. Foods stored properly can last up to a week without spoiling. Any more than that can result in an awful taste and illness. Food particles are commonly moist and prone to bacteria infestation. The next thing you know, your intention of gaining big savings can lead to great hospital bills. So how can you avoid this undesirable scenario? Proper food preservation is the best answer! Learning all the right and proper ways will give you a lot of frugal benefits that you can enjoy.

After a celebration or any event, leftover foods are commonly covered with a clean saran plastic wrap. This might look very convenient, but it’s like throwing your food straight into the garbage cans. This plastic wrap won’t completely seal the food from moisture and bacteria. This will make the food spoil faster than usual. You can only use plastic wraps for protection from dirt and dust, not as an alternative for plastic food containers.

For dry leftover foods, plastic containers are best. Put the food inside the container and press down on the cover to close tightly. This will completely seal the food from any unwanted foreign bodies inside. You should leave space around the container when storing in the freezer. This will allow the cool air to circulate, freezing your food faster.  Then you can place it closer to other items to maximize the space. Just be sure to use microwavable plastic storage containers to thaw them faster in microwave ovens. There are a lot of these items are being sold cheaply in online stores. Watch for them and find the best plastic container at the best price!

Liquids and soups can be stored properly stored in zip-lock plastic bags. You can purchase this kind of plastic bag in any local department stores for a very cheap price. Just make sure to let the liquid cool down before pouring inside the container. Then, place the bag in a flat position in the freezer. When it’s completely frozen, place the plastic food bag in an upright position to maximize the space. To defrost, just place the frozen bag in a pan full of water. Heat the soup and you’re ready to eat!

Proper ways of storing and preserving food can be very easy if you know how to do it right. It’s easy to do and you can learn new tricks through experience. You can only really save money with leftovers by preserving them in the right way. Learn the true frugal living through your food preservation!

Are you fond of storing leftover foods? What are the processes you do to make it last longer? Kindly share it with us by leaving your comments below!