Save 25% on a Soothing Sounds for Deep Sleep CD!

Deals | April 15th, 2022


Discounted Item: One restful sleep CD
Price at time of Publishing: $11.21

Sleep deep and peacefully without side effects!

There’s no need to pop pills or wake up groggy when you can fall asleep to the sounds of nature. Simply pop this CD in your player for 70 continuous minutes of ocean waves and other soothing sounds. Do you have noisy neighbors? Does your dog snore? Maybe your mind starts racing as soon as your head hits the pillow. With so many disturbances, we can actually dread heading to bed. Now you can sink into your pillow and feel as if you are on the beach or back in time to your carefree childhood with sounds that relax and erase the everyday stresses.

This Deep Healing Sleep CD is now $11.21, down from $14.95, a savings of $3.74!

Click here to fall asleep naturally and wake fully rested, all at a 25% savings!

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