Save 27% on a Boot Brush Cleaner!

Deals | August 29th, 2023


Discounted Item: One boot brush cleaner
Price at time of Publishing: $21.99

Step into a new way of cleaning your footwear!

Keep your boots and shoes clean with a boot brush that is easily mounted to any floor with all hardware included. If you need to take it with you it can also be mounted on a board for portable use. It is made of maple wood that is finished and designed to be used indoors and out. This boot scraper and cleaner is perfect for use on both boots and shoes. With just a few swipes you will be rid of dust, dirt and mud without scratching your shoes. Leaving grime at the door will help keep your home cleaner and mom happier!

This Maple Wood Boot Brush Cleaner is now $21.99, down from $29.95, a savings of $7.96!

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