Save 27% on Five Pair of Reusable Training Chopsticks!

Deals | March 12th, 2024


Discounted Item: Five pair of Reusable Training Chopsticks
Price at time of Publishing: $7.99

Learn how to handle chopsticks the easy way! 

Don’t get caught off guard with a bowl of noodles and other Asian cuisine and no way to eat them. These fiberglass chopsticks are better than plastic and contain no high-heat paint coating that will wear off over time. The colorful fiberglass alloy has been tested under temperatures of up to 365° to ensure they won’t melt, bend or crack. The rust-resistant non-corrosive material makes them qualify as eco-friendly cutlery. The non-slip tips help pick up food as beginners are in training to use these tools for fun eating. Additional features include a clip trainer, a hinge with holes to prevent detaching while allowing users to adjust the height to a comfortable fit. These training chopsticks are suitable for all ages and fit in most dishwasher baskets to keep them clean and sanitary. 

This five-pair set of Reusable Training Chopsticks is now $7.99, down from $10.99, a savings of $3.00! 

Click here and grab the utensil that teaches the art of a unique dining experience! 

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