Save 28% on a CPAP Pillow!

Deals | March 20th, 2024


Discounted Item: A CPAP Pillow
Price at time of Publishing: $35.99

Wake refreshed from a good night’s sleep!

Add a CPAP pillow to your nightly routine for more restful sleep and a better start to your day. This one features high-quality odorless memory foam for soft comfort while still providing support for the neck. This pillow cradles your head and neck so you can wake without a headache or neck and shoulder pain. It is ideal for back or side sleepers and is contoured to accommodate a CPAP mask and hose. There are also four cut-out areas to take pressure off your shoulder as you sleep plus a tether on the top allowing you to turn over easily with no worry of hose resistance or interference. This pillow also helps to alleviate mask pressure on the face while reducing the frequency of air leaks which gives you better sleep quality. The comfortable, skin-friendly pillowcase is removable for washing.

This CPAP Pillow is now $35.99, down from $49.99, a savings of $14.00!

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