Save 29% on a Retro Rail Twirler! 

Deals | March 23rd, 2021


Old toys can be the best toys!

Kids of decades past delighted in the simple things. The magic was prevalent as wide eyes of excitement played while filling with determination to figure out how things work…sparking the imagination! The Magic Rail Twirler is a reproduction of a classic retro toy, using magnets to create a spinning wheel to perform gravity-defying tricks. Perfect for kids five years old and up even adults!

Bring back interactive toys that get little minds spinning with the Retro Magic Twirler. Stock up now and save on stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, and awesome party favors!

Now priced at only $4.99, down from $6.99! You’ll save $2.00 on each! Click TAKE ME THERE for this intriguing and money-saving buy!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.