Save 29% on Children’s Pencil Grips!

Deals | April 22nd, 2021


Train kids to write the right way!

When kids struggle with handwriting, these pencil grips will get them in the groove of holding pencils correctly. Writing will improve immensely as well as helping with their grades. Grips are made of 100% high-quality silicone that is non-toxic and odor-free.

Can be used for basic pencils, colored pencils, mechanical pencil, and crayons. Contains three different colors, two-finger pencil grips, and three cartoon pencil caps. The cap protects the tip of the pencil, preventing injury and soil. See handwriting improve in a fun and colorful way! 

ANERZA Six Pack Pencil Grips are now $4.99, down from $6.99. A savings of $2.00! Click TAKE ME THERE to stock up and save!

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.