Save 29% on Wireless Solar Tire Monitoring System!

Deals | October 18th, 2023


Discounted Item: A Wireless Solar Tire Monitoring System
Price at time of Publishing: $38.99

Staying in tune with tire maintenance is a money saver plus peace of mind in travels!

Know where you stand in your travels by wisely monitoring the status of your tires. Tire safety is vital as most high-speed traffic accidents are caused by abnormal tire pressure. Having this system on board will let you know if your tire condition becomes dangerous. You will immediately receive an audio-visual alert with real-time monitoring of your tires. As it ensures safe driving it will also extend the life of your tires. This system can be placed the windshield without blocking your vision with no need to look down when driving. It features two charging methods, solar and USB which will ensure that the system works continuously. The real-time monitoring will give you an alarm for fast or slow air leakage, high pressure, high temperature, sensor, failure or low battery.

This Wireless Solar Tire Monitoring System is now $38.99, down from $54.99, a savings of $16.00! 

Click here for a breath of fresh air on the cost of monitoring your tires, which can lead to less maintenance and most importantly, safety! 

*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.