Save 30% on Caulking Tool Set!

Deals | July 14th, 2021


Out with the old…in with the new!

You can do a professional job and save a bundle when you add or replace caulk with this five-function set! Use this tool for smoothing silicone as a flat angle scraper, inner angle scraper, glass cement bottle opener, and a nozzle needle. Works beautifully for repairing and cleaning residue without the hassle of multiple tools. Remove old caulk and apply new easily and efficiently! Makes smoothing a cinch on edges, corners, and seams. Perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom, water tanks, window, sink joints, and more!  

Caulk like a pro and save a bundle by doing it yourself! This Caulking Tool Kit is now $5.99, down from $8.58 a savings of $2.59!

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*Price and availability subject to changes by vendor.